Animism is the core spiritual belief system of the shaman. Each shaman has a different religion but overall most Shamans are animists.

What is Animism

Animism is the belief that all things have an animating spirit.

This includes: trees, plants, rocks, mountains, oceans, water, fire, air, etc. To break it down even further each specific item has it’s own spirit. So my rose quartz crystal has a different spirit than your rose quartz crystal, and each of my rose quartz crystals (if i have many) have their own spirits.

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This belief is common among indigenous people, and its common among current Shamanic practitioners.

Animism is something I’ve always believed in ever since I was a little girl, I knew that the rocks I collected where alive, and the plants that I picked from the garden had a spirit.

It’s my belief that certain objects choose us over us choosing them. I’ve had crystals call out to me at stores and rocks while I’m walking.

One time I lost a favorite crystal of mine in a parking lot full of rocks, I was so upset, I went back at night with a flashlight and called out to the crystal so that I could bring it home. Within 15 minutes this crystal was found in a parking lot full of rocks, and it’s safely secure in my mesa right now.

How does the Animist belief system impact the Shaman?

With the belief that all things have a spirit, a Shaman is able to enter into a dialog with these spirits to bring in: information, healing, and power.

Shamans work with crystals, flowers, herbs, the elements, trees, mountains, streams, and all sorts of natural items.

However, they also work with technology, buildings, homes, etc.

This belief isn’t just limited to the natural world, houses and businesses also have their own spirit.

Shamans can work with these spirits to cleanse an area of heavy energy, remove incarnate spirits who may be causing issues to the owners, and create a better sense of harmony.

A Shaman works with all kind of helping spirits, and is in constant dialog with them.

What are your thoughts on Animism? Do you think all things have a spirit?

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