Here are some resources will help compliment your Shamanic Path

Here are some great free resources for you as you start or go further on your Shamanic path! 

15 Minute Shamanic Drumming MP3

Shamanic Journeying is a powerful technique used by mystics & shaman’s to enter into a receptive state to get information from the spirit world. 

This is a free download of 15 minutes of shamanic drumming to help you go on your own shamanic journeys. 

Power Retrieval Journey

Multiple times in our lives we give our power away either consciously or unconsciously. In this 18 minute journey we will gather some of our lost power and integrate in it back into our life. 

"5 Ways Shamanism Can Help You" E-Book

This six page e-book answers some common questions on how Shamanism can help you, an average Jane or Joe. I teach you a technique for releasing negative energy and empowering yourself. 

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