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G. Meyer

Thought provoking, interesting and spot on with choices in life. I look forward to working with Katie McBrien again.


Inger Jansson

Katie gave me an awesome Akashic Record reading session, which gave me answers to the cause of my blockage. Not only that, but also a great solution for it and a way to move forward. Now after testing it out a few weeks, I can confirm that it really works – thank you Katie!


C. Blake

This was a phenomenal and awesome reading!! I feel enlightened and inspired. Katie’s words were very inspiring and powerful. I definitely enjoyed this reading!


M. Dial

Katie was great. She seriously brought up things that I had completely forgotten about. I’ve always had this odd.. well, almost phobia of being left at the altar, and now I know why. I have a prayer to help me through things now, and she even gave me some ways to help one of my past lives find peace. I hope to be as practiced as she is someday.

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