About a year ago I had a vision of something that I couldn’t quite understand.

It’s the idea that we are living multiple lifetimes at once.

I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around this concept.

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It started off with sitting with an energy of a person i’m incredibly connected with, as I looked at him, I saw multiple lifetimes of us being together, but it wasn’t just past lives, it was lives happening at once. It was occurring in similar time periods and years. I couldn’t understand it until I realized that we can indeed occupy multiple lifetimes at once.

Soul Lessons

Just last night I registered for a course on mediumship, as mediumship is something I have been fighting against since I was a little girl, my connection with the other side. Anyways, as I am watching this course the teacher mentioned something about what happens when we die that validated the idea of multiple lifetimes at once.

She said that when we die, we can be reborn but that part that is our current “us” lives on that a medium can connect with even if our soul reincarnates into a new person.

It validated the idea that we can have multiple lifetimes in a single life. The old selves that our soul was can be reborn into new people.

If we can tap into our core essence, our soul, we can see and sense those lifetimes.

It’s a thought that isn’t too out there for an Akashic Records reader. The Akashic Records are our souls history recorded in the energy realm. All our thoughts, feelings, promises, and vows, are recorded in the Akashic Records.

I love it when a concept that I’ve been mulling over for a while is validated by an external source. It’s just confirmation on how complex and deep our experience can be in a lifetime, if we allow ourselves to be in a constant state of wonder.

Have you ever had a peek beyond the illusion of time? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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