I’ve been working more and more with my Spirit Guides. I have known about guides for what seems like decades now, but for whatever reason I didn’t spend too much time investing in that relationship. I was more focused on learning concepts behind spiritual work, and not investing a lot of time in the actual practice. In the last few years I’ve really been delving into working deeply with my guides and have come to some startling conclusions about them.

learn to work with your spirit guides
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Types of Spirit Guides

There are guides for everything! Guides for finances, love, career, skills, and everything between. While I go over in great depth the different types of guides in my forthcoming course “Introduction to Spirit Guides,” I want to share a few fun guides here and a few that you may not even realize could be guides.

Runners- these are some of my favorite guides, these guides came into my attention when I was reading Sonia Choquette’s book “Ask Your Guides.” These guides run a head of you and help you. You can send them ahead to help you find a good parking spot, to clear the way on a road trip, and to help you find something. These guides love tasks, they are task oriented. Just give them a mission and they will help you.

Living Guides– living people can be guides too! You see we are multidimensional beings, we live in both the 3D(our everyday waking reality) and the 5D(the energetic spiritual realm) at the same time. It’s a lot like living multiple lifetimes at once, and I think we are. Living people can be our guides as well, perhaps it’s someone we love dearly, or someone we look up too greatly. I also think that our pets can be guides as well.

Working with Guides

To work with our guides all we need is to have one strong psychic sense, this could be seeing, hearing, knowing, or feeling. Then we need to start talking to our guides.

This could be within our head, our out-loud.

You see our guides can not help us unless we invite them too.

The universe runs on free will, especially our free will. We consciously and subconsciously choose our life story every moment through our actions and their consequences. The only time our guides will interfere is at life or death situations. Of course it’s still our choice if we want to get their help or not. These come through as strong nudges, loud voices in our head, someone intervening at the last moment.

When we invite our guides to help us consciously and then use our senses to get their advice we begin to dance in a sacred partnership. Our guides want to help, they want our lives to be easier and less stressful. This doesn’t mean that we will never have any problems, it just means that when those problems arise we don’t have to dwell in them for long periods of time. We can move through them with ease and grace.

So how do we learn to work with our guides?

Well we have two choices:

  1. We can go at it blind and hope that we are making an authentic connection with our guide and able to understand their messages for us.
  2. We can work with a teacher and find out about our guide. While it’s true that we have many guides in our life, there’s at least one guide that is with us our entire life. This guide is our main guide.

Our main guide is with us from our birth and will be with us until our death.

Our guides really can be our unsung hero’s we just need to know they are there and ask them to help us!

To learn more about working with your guides you can book a spirit guide reading or enroll on my course “Introduction to Spirit Guides” and get a free spirit guide reading.


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