The Shamanic Journey is the cornerstone of Shamanic practice. The shamanic journey is what separates shamanism from other spiritual practices.

What is a the Shamanic Journey?

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A shamanic journey doesn’t mean a physical journey, it represents a journey of the spirit.  

Remember our soul is a separate entity to our body.

In a shamanic journey our soul leaves our body albeit temporarily and goes off to the various worlds to bring back; healing, power, energy, and wisdom.  
There are various ways we can go on a Shamanic Journey some more healthy than others. We can go through repetitive drumming, dance, trauma which causes out of body experiences, and drugs.  
Obviously I don’t recommend using drugs as a way to go on a Shamanic Journey, but if you’re prescribed a medication that causes vivid dreams, hallucinations, etc. That may actually be your soul on a shamanic journey.  
Our soul leaves all the time and quite naturally when: our body dies, through severe trauma, or scary situations, and even sometimes during deep sleep – often coined as lucid dreaming.  

The Worlds

There are at least three different worlds, our soul can go to any of these during an out of body experience such as a Shamanic Journey.  
Upper World– The upper world is above us, it houses our ancestors, the ascended masters, teachers, and Gods/Goddesses. We go to the upper world when we want to learn something new or receive guidance on the bigger picture of our lives. 
Middle World– The middle world mirrors our own, that’s where we find pieces of ourselves that have left during moments of trauma and abuse. We can also find spirits that haven’t moved on or are stuck here in the middle world, the middle world is a place we should travel with our trusted guides.
Lower World– The lower world is where we find our guides, totems, and deep healing. When you first begin to do Shamanic Journeying you travel to the lower world (which doesn’t equate to hell or any place bad.) Sometimes when we experience soul loss our fragmented pieces of ourselves can be found in this world, though usually they are trapped in the middle world.

How I Recommend Going On A Shamanic Journey 

I’ve talked about some of the ways to go on a Shamanic Journey, but I think the best way is through either drumming or listening to drumming. 
Repetitive drumming causes our mind to shift levels of consciousness naturally, think about a time that you sat and listened to music and felt that you were transported back in time or someplace else and after the music ended you felt better or had a sudden insight. That would be a good example of how music, drumming in particular can influence us. 
There are a lot of tracks that are available at various prices for a budding shaman.
A Shamanic Drum track has a few key features: 

  • A drum beat of over 220 beats per minute.
  • A call back at the end– or rather a shift in the beat telling the listener it’s time to come back into the room and retrace their steps in the journey that they have taken to anchor their soul back in the present.

How to Journey

It’s really simple actually here are the outlined steps with some narrative on how I journey.

  1. Create a quiet safe place to journey the whole process can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the length of your drumming track.
  2. Get comfortable– this would require something to block the light from your eyes, a blanket to cover you to keep you warm.
  3. Set an intention for this journey– do you wish to meet with a guide, find healing, bring back lost parts of yourself, or perhaps meet with your ancestors. Whatever you goal is get clear before going on your journey.
  4. A notebook and pen to record your experiences. I just use my phone in the notes section I keep a diary of my shamanic journey’s so I can upload them to my digital diary.
  5. Listen to a free or paid drumming track through headphones or via a speaker.
  6. Let go– this is the most important step, you need to let go how you think you should experience a journey, some people know, others see, some feel, and some may hear. We all experience the world in different ways and sometimes it’s a combination of things. Don’t expect if you’re not a visual person to “see” things. I recommend taking my free Psychic Development Course which will help you determine your natural psychic type.
  7. Experience what happens with detachment knowing that if any time you’re scared or feel unsafe all you have to do is say: “My soul is back in my body” and open your eyes. Your body and soul respond to your intentions and voice so say what you want and trust it will happen.
  8. Come back at the beat change. When the beat shifts it’s time to retrace your journey, like watching it in rewind and come back into the room.
  9. Record your journey. Write down everything you experienced, sensed, felt, nothing is by chance and everything means something. This is an experience in paying attention to all your senses and not discounting anything no matter how crazy or insane it may seem. Trust that what came to you will help you grow even if the message is yet unclear. As you create a record you’ll begin to be able to see the patterns of what you were given and how it relates to your life and intention that you set at the beginning. When I give an Akashic Reading I often pay close attention to the little sensations, and when I share them with my clients, they often get the most out of the reading. I usually touch on things I would have no way of knowing.

After the journey it’s important to eat a small snack or go for a walk this helps anchor yourself firmly in your body, it’s called “grounding.”

As you can see the process of journeying isn’t scary or dangerous, I’ve been doing it for years in the beginning naturally and then trained.

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